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  • Check In Procedure

    • For the purpose of making a reservation and using the facilities at Bhadra Sports Club, all reciprocal club members will be required to present their current photo club card [photo] and an introduction letter from their parent club. 

    • The check-in slip will be given to the visitor by the manager when they arrive.

  • Check Out Procedure

    • Account has to be settled by CASH Only before vacating room​

  • Guest Visiting Rooms

    • Visitors may see roommates till 9:30 PM by paying Rs 50 per person at reception. All club rules apply to visitors, and club management has the last say on who gets in.

  • Laundry Service

    • The room waiter will make arrangements for daily laundry and ironing. Charges to be shared with the roommates

  • Number of Visits

    • For associated members, three times per month, or as agreed upon

  • Cancellation Policy

    • If the reservation is cancelled on or after the confirmed date of occupancy, the advance will be lost.

  • Dress Code

    • The wearing of lugis or rubber chappals is never authorised when entering a club.

  • Identification

    • All members of reciprocal clubs must maintain their membership identification card and check-in slip on them at all times and provide them upon request from the club management.

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